Understanding COVID-19

  • COVID-19 is a type of coronavirus related to other widely spread viruses, such as MERS, SARS, and the common cold

  • It can cause severe illness, is highly infectious and has the ability to rapidly mutate, evading both our immune systems and vaccines that trigger immune response

  • Serious illness also relates to how one reacts to inflammation (cytokine storm) and how easily the body forms blood clots

  • High fever, cough, and shortness of breath are all well-known symptoms of COVID-19

  • It can cause more dangerous conditions, oxygen levels can become dangerously low, often fatal

  • It has also been seen that an abnormal number of small blood clots present in severely ill patients can travel through the body blocking vital organs

  • It is now believed that both the poor oxygen exchange and formation of blood clots can all be traced back to overactivity of the immune system (cytokine storm)

Treating COVID-19 with Aspirin

Aspirin is a proven, safe, and widely used drug that is very effective in treating three of the most dangerous symptoms of the virus:

  • Viral Load:  The amount of virus in your body

  • Inflammation:  Aspirin is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent

  • Blood Clotting: thinning the blood” and thereby preventing clotting

In many hospitals, Aspirin has been used in the treatment of severe COVID-19 cases.  It is one of the reasons it is thought that the death rate from this virus has been reduced.

A recent study published from The University of Maryland School of Medicine found patients on Aspirin were 43% less likely to require intensive care treatment and were 47% less likely to die from COVID-19. (ref:——)


Advantages of ELA over Aspirin

  • Enhanced Liquid Aspirin delivers the same pharmaceutical benefits as Aspirin but at a higher degree of efficacy

  • Improved delivery system allows the drug to enter cells in higher amounts making the new formulation significantly more effective

  • Furthermore, as a liquid, ELA is significantly gentler on the stomach and so is safer than normal Aspirin

  • ELA has been shown to be far better at controlling inflammation than standard Aspirin

  • ELA may better control the devastating inflammation caused by COVID19—in addition to reducing the amount of virus in the body and preventing blood clots

  • Lowering the number of patients requiring hospitalization, protecting against mutations and future pandemics

“Unless you have a perfect vaccine, which very few are, you’ll always have people who end up getting sick. With or without a vaccine, we’re going to need other treatments.”


A Vaccine Is Not Enough

  • While successful vaccines are mission critical to ending the pandemic, they do have limitations

  • It is not known how long immunity to COVID-19 will last

  • Many people who will not have access to it, may refuse to take it, or will simply not form immunity

  • The virus will continue to mutate, making certain vaccines obsolete

  • In order to defeat COVID-19, we also need a way to treat the illness itself. As we see every year with the flu, millions still become seriously ill and thousands die despite the ready availability of vaccines

We must be ready to face future outbreaks with stockpiles of treatments that can prevent serious illness and crippling levels of hospitalization. A safe and effective treatment will help stop a pandemic.