The Silent Pandemic: Sepsis

  • The LSU COVID-19 trial will give us a great deal of data on the effect of this is readily translatable to other infections—such as sepsis.

  • Often called blood poisoning, sepsis is uncontrollable inflammation caused by an overactive bodily response to threats.

  • In trying to overwhelm the threats, the body’s immune system unwittingly destroys its own vital systems.

  • In 2019, 50 million people had sepsis worldwide, and 11 million died from it.

  • While COVID-19 kills approximately 1% of those who contract it, sepsis will kill over 20%.

  • ELA is uniquely suited to help in the fight against sepsis. It controls inflammation rather than just simply switching it off, which is equally dangerous.

  • In a series of mouse studies run by the Marie Curie Institute, ELA treatment led to a 20% reduction in sepsis-related death.

  • This is equivalent to saving over 2 million lives every year.

An affordable, safe treatment should be added to current treatment sequencing for anyone diagnosed with sepsis